Tesla dominates the global electric car market: Model 3 way ahead, Model Y soon to be second?

In individual countries, smaller electric cars such as Renault Zoe in Germany or in China the even tiny Mini EV from Wuling Hongguang were ahead of the game, but in the global overall view, nobody can fool Tesla. This is evident from the data that the EV-Sales blog has now published: Worldwide, no pure battery vehicle has been newly registered more often than the Tesla Model 3. According to the data, this applies both to September 2020 and to the entire year to date – and that Model Y, which is currently only available in North America, has recently overtaken Renault’s Zoe.

Tesla Model 3 clearly at the top

In Europe this year an interesting three-way battle is looming between the Tesla Model 3, Renault Zoe and the VW electric car ID.3, which has been delivered since mid-September. In the rest of the world, however, the two Tesla competitors are not available, so that they land far behind in the overall balance: According to EV sales, the electric Renault was newly registered 11,267 times in September and 64,143 times in the first nine months – and that Model 3 each about four times as often. VW’s ID.3 had 8576 new registrations in its first half month of delivery, which would be extrapolated above the Zoe level, but also far behind Tesla.

And right behind the Model 3 at the top, another Tesla could sit down this year, namely its platform cousin Model Y. The electric crossover has so far only been delivered in North America, but that was enough for 12,685 new registrations worldwide 3 in September – ahead of Renault Zoe and VW ID. 3. Between the two Teslas there was only the Chinese Wuling-Mini, which was new on the streets 14,495 times – with prices below 5000 euros, however, it is in a significantly lower class than all the others.

Model Y could overtake Renault Zoe

But not even the record-low price was enough to place itself in front of the Tesla Model Y in the annual balance sheet so far, which is also only available on one market: The e-crossover was worldwide (i.e. only in North America) from January 41,692 copies newly registered by September. So far, that’s around 20,000 fewer than Renault’s Zoe. But if Tesla once again organizes a year-end boost (which is to be assumed), both of the pioneer’s volume electric cars could be in front of everyone else in a row by the end of 2020.


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