Tesla driver accidentally spends 3,640 euros on software updates

The inner workings of the Model 3 from Tesla.

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One benefit of Tesla is that the electric car maker provides wireless software updates so owners can improve the performance of their car and add other features without visiting a dealer or buying a newer model. But it all comes at a price – as a Tesla Model 3 owner recently discovered.

Ali Vaziri accidentally bought a € 3,640 software update via the Tesla app on September 24th and has been trying to get a refund since then, as reported by the US news broadcaster “CNBC”. Vaziri claims to have noticed the purchase only when he received confirmation of the transaction from his bank.

“My smartphone was in my jeans,” Vaziri told CNBC. “I took it out and plugged it into the Tesla charging cable. A minute later I received a message. Before that, I’ve never bought anything using the Tesla app. “

Over 3,600 euros for Tesla’s new autopilot

Vaziri deposited his credit card in his Tesla account in order to pay a monthly fee for “Premium Connectivity”. Now, however, thousands of euros have been debited for a service that he did not want to use: the “Enhanced Autopilot”. In September, Tesla introduced the driver assistance function valued at 3,600 euros as a more cost-effective alternative to the company’s “Full Self-Driving” option, which despite its name is currently not fully autonomous.

Vaziri then notified his local Tesla store. Customer service advised him to simply click on the “Refund” button in the Tesla app. However, this does not exist, according to Vaziri. An email Tesla sent Vaziri to confirm the accidental transaction only directed him to Tesla’s support website, which recommended calling the local service center.

“The customer service is terrible”

According to “CNBC” Tesla has not yet refunded the purchase. Instead, Vaziri tries to cancel the payment through his bank. Tesla has not yet responded to a request from about the incident.

“The car never gave me any problems, but it’s just a nightmare,” Vaziri emphasizes. “The customer service is terrible.”

It’s not the first time a Tesla owner has accidentally made an expensive purchase through the Tesla app. In January, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stepped in to help a customer who unknowingly bought a $ 3,690 upgrade and was denied a refund.

“Tesla refunds should be easy to obtain electronically and securely through customer service,” Musk tweeted in response to the customer’s complaint.

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