Tesla drops the price of its Model S and Model X

As the automotive market revives in many countries, the Tesla Model S and Model X are reducing their prices by a few thousand euros, while the Model 3 is not affected in France.

At Tesla, future batteries are long overdue, but prices are already falling. Good news which affects the majority of markets, but not all vehicles in France.

A discount of around 7.000 €

Here, the Californian manufacturer has significantly reduced the rating of its large models. The Tesla Model S, displayed at € 91,000 in the Long Range version, is now at € 83,990, while the Performance goes from 107,700 to € 100,990. The price of options, paints or rims does not change. Ditto for the Model X, whose prices start at € 89,990, against € 96,700 previously. The Performance variant goes down to 106,990 euros, or minus 6,290 €.

Strangely, the discount is thus € 7,000. This has nothing to do with the new ecological bonus increased to € 7,000. Remember, no bonus is applied on these Tesla, because only valid for vehicles below € 60,000.

In the United States, the price reduction also concerns the Model 3. The electric sedan starts at $ 37,990 in its Standard Plus version, a drop of $ 2,000. The very recent Tesla Model Y is the only one not to see its price change there.

Tesla Model S 2020

The configurator of the Tesla Model S in May 2020


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