Tesla: Elon Musk is apparently already planning the next gigafactory

The Gigafactory Berlin is still under construction.

Soeren Stache / picture alliance via Getty Images

Wednesday October 28, 2020

Tesla plans to invest nine to twelve billion US dollars in the company over the next two years, as quoted by the portal “t3n” in a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition to improved batteries, new vehicles and other technological developments, the money will also be used to build another gigafactory, according to the report.

Although the Gigafactory Berlin – the first of its kind in Europe currently being built in Grünheide, Brandenburg – is still complete, company boss Elon Musk now wants to build another huge factory.

The northeastern United States of America will serve as the location for the new Gigafactory. Exactly where is currently not known. The rumors that the next gigafactory of the e-car manufacturer could be built in India are now off the table.

Tuesday October 27, 2020

Tesla is not only the most successful electric car manufacturer in the world and is putting hundreds of thousands of Stromers on the road, the company led by Elon Musk is committed to another vision of the future: autonomous driving.

Rules and laws make it difficult to use the software in many places, but the company now has FSD technology for selected Tesla drivers (F.ull S.eleven-D.riving; in German: driving completely alone) is made available in a beta version.

In videos and driving reports, they now show what it feels like to be behind the wheel and not have to do anything other than enter the destination. The Youtuber and Tesla driver Sofiaan Fraval tested the whole thing in his home state of California and was enthusiastic:


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There are no pictures of the steering wheel, the double-glazed windows (for sound insulation) and the flaps at the front and rear. However, the new sports rims of the Model 3 have already been spotted. For example, “Tesla New York” tweeted the following:

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