Tesla-Gigafactory: Citizens’ initiative wants to prevent construction due to groundwater

  • The citizens’ initiative “Grünheide gegen Gigafactory” has submitted an open letter to the Brandenburg Minister of the Environment, demanding that the Tesla factory construction be stopped.
  • The reason: The factory and the accompanying industry would further reduce the already scarce groundwater.
  • This also affects the drinking water that the city of Berlin uses.

The work and preparations on the site in Brandenburg, on which the Tesla Gigafactory is to be built, are currently largely suspended. The opponents of the project do not do this. But on the contrary. On Tuesday, the “Grünheide Citizens’ Initiative Against Gigafactory” submitted an open letter to the Environment Ministry in Brandenburg.

The main concern: The construction of the factory should be stopped because the groundwater in the area is already scarce and is being further thinned out by the Gigafactory and neighboring industries.

According to the original concept, Tesla consumes 372 cubic meters of water per hour

The Gigafactory is to be built in the Erkner-Neu Zittau water conservation area. The environmental impact assessment (EIA) has not yet been completed. However, the test has already shown that Tesla will use 372 cubic meters of water per hour with the original factory concept.

However, the California company has withdrawn the application for building permission for the factory and is working on a redesign. learned from corporate circles that Tesla is striving to reduce consumption to 238 cubic meters per hour – and thus address environmental groups and citizens’ initiatives.

“Critical water balance in the region”

In its open letter, however, the citizens’ initiative criticizes the fact that Tesla has not made a legally binding commitment to this reduction despite multiple requests. Even more: “Even the reduced amount exacerbates the already critical water balance in the region. According to Minister of Economics Steinbach, the Gigafactory should be the trigger for further industrial settlements. The need for water will continue to increase, ”says the letter.

The citizens’ initiative fears that in the long term not enough water will flow from the Spree into the Müggelsee near Berlin and that the basis for the drinking water supply of large parts of Berlin is endangered by the Friedrichshagen waterworks. “If too little water flows into the region via the Spree, this leads to an ecological catastrophe!”


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