Tesla Hatchback (2023): Entry-level Tesla should not be called Model 2

Market launch and price: Base should cost $ 25,000 in the US

At the moment, Tesla is still missing a small entry-level model – but that has apparently been in development for a long time. Company boss Elon Musk has been planning a more compact model than the Model 3 since 2018. In September 2020, according to the magazine “Carscoops”, company boss Elon Musk stated the base price for an entry-level Tesla at 25,000 dollars (approx. 22,000 euros). According to rumors, the car will a bit more expensive with us and could start at 25,000 euros.


Carwow Tesla Model 3

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At that time, Musk also announced the market launch of the new model within the next three years – so it will probably already be the cheapest Tesla from 2023 give. The new model will be developed in China and sold all over the world, according to the head of Tesla China, Tom Zhu, of the state news agency Xinhua in an interview in February 2021. Rumor has it that the prototype is already ready.

Range: The smallest Tesla should create at least 402 kilometers

According to Elon Musk, the lowest acceptable range for a Tesla product is 250 miles (402 kilometers). This number would be appropriate for the basic version of the new entry-level model. However, it can be assumed that the smallest Tesla will also be available in more expensive versions with more range and more power. Accordingly, a long-range and a two-engine performance variant can be expected.

Design and interior: With elements of the Model 3

At the beginning of 2020, a (semi) official sketch was even shown for a Chinese job advertisement for the design and development center in Shanghai. This shows you small hatchback. The AUTO BILD draftsman made an illustration on this basis. This shows that the smallest Tesla could take over some design elements and features of the Model 3 (which probably also provides the platform). These include the window line, the retractable door handles or the panoramic glass roof. Tesla could take the car with you so that access to the second row of seats is as comfortable as possible despite the compact dimensions Scissor doors Equip like the BMW i3 and Mazda MX-30 have.
Tesla Model 3 Long Range

The interior could look similar to that of the Model 3. The minimalism typical of Tesla – and the large screen – are considered to be set.

Inside, you can expect the minimalist design typical of Tesla, including a large infotainment screen. As with most electric cars, there should be plenty of space for passengers and luggage in this small version.

Naming: Elon Musk is against the designation Model 2

The official name has not yet been determined. Most media call the car Model 2, but at a shareholders meeting in October 2021, Elon Musk emphasized that the new Tesla would not be called that. The name does not fit into the existing palette, the letters of the previous models result in the word “S3XY” (with the “E” reversed, because Ford holds the rights to the designation Model E). The second suggested name on the web is “Model C” – but it would not fit into the previous name either.

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