Tesla in Porsche Strasse: Center near Dortmund Airport (virtual) opened

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, exactly 16,694 Tesla electric cars were newly registered in Germany last year, around 56 percent more than in 2019 – and parallel to this growth, the company is also expanding its presence in Germany. In the meantime, it no longer relies on small showrooms in expensive inner-city locations and, in addition, locations further out for service and deliveries, but combines these three functions. The first German Tesla Center opened in Hanover at the end of 2019, with five more to follow in 2020. And it will continue like this in the new year: This week, Tesla opened its seventh German center near Dortmund – which, however, initially only exists virtually.

Between Porsche and Daimler streets

Officially, the new location is not in Dortmund, but in the neighboring municipality of Holzwickede, right next to the airport. An interesting secondary aspect: Tesla is pulling right into the heart of the German auto industry, at least as far as the street names are concerned. The center is located on Ferdinand-Porsche-Strasse, which branches off from Gottlieb-Daimler-Strasse. Until recently, there was also a Porsche center at the address, which moved into a new building a few hundred meters further at the end of 2019 (on Carrera Strasse).

According to a Tesla announcement, the new location in a symbolic environment has now been opened, but is not yet officially in operation. In fact, Holzwickede is currently still referred to in the Tesla overview on the web as a “pop-up”, i.e. a temporary quick presence. First photos from users of the forum Tesla drivers and friends confirm this: Instead of one of the large gray buildings that are now common, a kind of container with wooden cladding and the Tesla logo can be seen above, and under a Tesla tent with a red roof and white lettering lonely model 3.

Contactless Tesla test drives possible

The partial opening is due to the current coronavirus restrictions, Tesla continues to inform. The new center will go into operation this spring. Nevertheless, Dortmund-Holzwickede is now occupied from Monday to Saturday and offers the opportunity to obtain digital information. This should be possible via video, telephone or email – which naturally raises the question of whether a new physical presence is required. It therefore seems more important for the time being that test drives can also be booked from there. At Tesla, this works contactless thanks to the app control of its electric cars and should also be possible outside of opening hours.


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