Tesla is also investing in Fremont: Tent for Model Y should give way to permanent buildings

Tesla is currently building new or expanding new Gigafactorys on three continents at the same time, but the majority of its electric cars still come from its parent plant in Fremont in the US state of California. In order to increase its capacity more quickly, Tesla built a tent-like structure on the site for the first time in 2018 for the production of more Model 3s. Critics scoffed at it, but another tent building followed for Model Y last year. In the dispute over the Corona compulsory stop of production in Fremont, CEO Elon Musk threatened a little later not to tackle any future projects there. But first of all, Tesla has now applied for the second tent to be turned into a permanent building.

Next expansion of Tesla’s main plant

The US blog Teslarati reported on Friday. Accordingly, the application concerns a permanent expansion of the factory in Fremont by around 6,000 square meters in the south. For this purpose, foundations are to be laid and underground lines laid.

The electric car plant in California, which opened in 2010 and previously belonged to a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors, recently received a smaller expansion in the form of a half-open building on the side: Inside is one of the new Giga presses, which pours large frame parts for the Tesla Model Y in one piece.

Eight of these giant die-casting machines are planned for the Gigafactory currently under construction in GrĆ¼nheide near Berlin. Tesla also wants to have the front part of the vehicle frame cast in one piece. The same is likely to happen in another gigafactory that Tesla is building in the state of Texas – a gigafactory was even set up there at the beginning of the month, as a drone video showed. Both of the new Tesla factories are slated to open this year. For the Germans, the summer has been the target start date, but recently Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs no longer ruled out a delay.

CEO Musk moved to Texas privately

In its latest quarterly report, Tesla stated the capacity in Fremont to be 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y as well as 100,000 Model S and Model X; six months earlier it was a total of 110,000 fewer electric cars. In his private life, CEO Musk has already left California and moved to Texas, where his space company SpaceX has a large base. But even with Fremont, despite his angry announcement from last spring, he seems to have more plans.


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