Tesla is apparently delivering the new Model S (2022) with a swivel display

Tesla is apparently equipping its newly delivered Model S with a new screen. A video has appeared on Twitter showing a swiveling monitor on the electric car’s dashboard. There has been speculation about such a feature for a long time, but now the Californians seem to be serious.

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As the US blog “Electek” reports, a Twitter user named “Larry Li” recently received his brand new Model S, which is equipped with a swiveling touchscreen. Third-party retrofit solutions have been offering this function for some time, but Tesla itself had not installed the function in its vehicles until now.

The operation of the screen via the Tesla user interface shows that the video must really be about a standard vehicle. The fact that the Twitter user himself professionally adds aftermarket solutions such as an electric frunk to Tesla models would have robbed the credibility of the video if it had been operated differently. But this should really be an original part.

Tesla is said to have been manufactured at the end of April

According to the owner, the vehicle rolled off the assembly line in the last week of April 2022. It remains to be seen whether Tesla has generally switched production from calendar week 17, as well as the question of whether the Model X will also be expanded to include this function in the future.

Tiltable touchscreen for better visibility

The display can be adjusted vertically and thus offers a better viewing angle from the driver’s seat. No matter how the person in the front left has adjusted the seat, the monitor can be adjusted better, which increases comfort when driving. The passenger also has better access to the touchscreen. It is not known when the function will also come to Germany. The 2021 modified Model S is still not available in this country, which is why information about the new feature would be pure speculation here.

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