Tesla is converting the body of the Model Y – and initiating a revolution


Tesla has once again driven an innovation that puts other automakers in the shade. Founder Elon Musk’s company manufactures a die-casting machine for his latest e-car, with which it can initially produce the body from four parts, then from one cast. Previously it consisted of 70 elements.

As the American Tesla blog “Tesmanian” reports, the method will make the production significantly cheaper and easier. As a result of the production from a single cast and the use of aluminum instead of steel, the car loses weight, which increases both range and safety – because the car can better dissipate the energy given off in an accident.

Tesla can pass on cost advantages to customers

Tesla is using it to prepare Model Y for mass production, according to “Tesmanian”. Because apart from the cost advantages, the production speed also increases. Tesla can pass the saved costs on to its customers.

“The body shell construction is very investment-intensive. Tesla needs fewer presses and welding robots and can thus achieve a good 20 to 30 percent cost savings in the shell construction, “says car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer to “Once again, Tesla has a clear time advantage over other car manufacturers.”

Tesla had already registered the patent for the machine in July of last year. “Sooner or later, other car manufacturers will follow suit because you can’t protect such an innovation for too long,” explains Dudenhöffer. Only one industry would suffer: if all car manufacturers actually follow suit, the number of employees in the mechanical engineering industry will halve in the long term.

“Tesla started a huge revolution. I would compare its scope with the just-in-time production that Toyota established in the 1970s. “

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