Tesla is expanding its supercharger network: now 20,000 columns for fast charging worldwide

Was it the new location in Bavaria or was it the one in Iceland? On Monday morning alone, a Twitter bot reported the opening of Supercharger stations in Wörth an der Isar and in Staour in quick succession, and the evening before Tesla itself announced another milestone in the network of fast charging stations for its electric cars: Overall, the whole should be World now 20,000 Supercharger columns are available. Tesla did not mention the number of stations, but according to external counts it is approaching the 2000 mark.

Tesla accelerates supercharger expansion

According to current information from, Tesla now operates 80 Supercharger locations in Germany alone. Since this summer, the announced expansion with the new V3 generation has also started in this country, which enables charging capacities of up to 250 kilowatts for Model 3 (and soon Model Y); The newest location in Wörth an der Isar is also equipped with V3 pillars like this, in this case eight. Tesla Model S and Model X can only be used with a CCS adapter, which limits the output to less than 150 kilowatts.

As the blog Electrek reports, the pace of Supercharger installations has recently increased significantly worldwide. At the end of 2019, the number of locations was 1716 with a good 15,000 individual charging stations, by September 2020 the second number had risen to 17,500. This means that Tesla would have put 2500 more Supercharger columns into operation in around two months. According to Electrek, 18,000 fast Tesla chargers should have been available worldwide by the end of 2018.

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Tesla representatives justified the accelerated expansion in Germany at the opening of the first urban supercharger in Berlin this September with the preparation for the market launch of the Model Y. According to, three more German stations are currently planned or under construction, one of them directly on the emerging gigafactoy near Berlin. In general, the locations are designed to be larger in line with the further spread of electric cars and, like the one in Berlin, are moving closer to cities. And in addition to Tesla, other operators are also beginning to look for or create more attractive environments for fast charging stations, for example at the new charging park in Hilden, which not only offers superchargers but also CSS columns from Fastned.


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