Tesla is suing former employee for stealing software code

That is stated in the complaint filed by the company, CNBC reports. The case is directed against Alex Khatilov, who was hired to join the company’s Quality Assurance team.

According to Tesla, Khatilov downloaded files from WARP Drive, the internal program used in building car sales. He would then have uploaded this information to his own Dropbox account.

When confronted with his actions, the employee is said to have removed evidence of this. Tesla says the downloaded code is sensitive because it can tell a competitor what is important to the company.


Khatilov claims he accidentally moved the data to Dropbox. He tried to put a folder on the cloud service, but instead pasted the sensitive data.

Tesla has repeatedly taken to court for stolen information. In 2018, Guangzhi Cao was charged with the alleged theft of the Autopilot code. Personnel who switched to other automakers also had to go to court.


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