Tesla metal plates for garage or office walls

More than 600 entries respond to the name “Tesla” on the site. With a ladle, they are as numerous to present the inventor of Serbian origin and his work on electricity, as to illustrate the life, the declarations and the models of electric vehicles imagined by the earthy boss born in South Africa.

In addition to the portraits of Nikola Tesla reproduced in very different ways, the metal plates associated with him reproduce systems on which he worked or that he created: electric arc bulb, electromagnetic motor, dynamo, circuit controller, wireless power transmission device, lightning arrester, turbine, etc. The list is still long.

For his part, Elon Musk is highlighted through some of his statements, but also some of his excesses, including the episode during which he smokes a joint during an interview.

What should, however, more appeal to fans of the American manufacturer’s productions, are the technical presentation plates on fine grids of the Model S, Model X, Model 3, new roadster, and Cybertruck. Model Y is not there yet.

It is the most dissected Model S with plates highlighting the specifics of the Performance model, the interior with its dashboard in particular, the battery packs and their recharging, etc.

Most of these plates are available in 3 formats. Thus, in portrait display: 32 x 45 cm (39 euros), 48 x 67.5 cm (79 euros), 64 x 90 cm (133 euros).

Note that discounts are sometimes granted up to 35% when arriving on the site via a third party partner. So for fans of the group of war-tyrants and historians Mamytwink. An ephemeral link is currently active by viewing the most recent video posted.


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