Tesla Model 3 (2020): steering wheel falls off

Steering wheel falls off while driving!

The steering wheel of this Tesla Model 3 fell off while driving, reports the owner from England. The electric car is almost new!

Dhe owner of a Tesla Model 3 from Blackpool in Great Britain experienced an unpleasant surprise: When he wanted to turn into his driveway after shopping, the steering wheel suddenly fell off while driving!


The owner addressed Twitter to Tesla boss Elon Musk: “The steering wheel fell off today! I’m worried that the rest of the car will also fall apart!” And then posted: “How can that happen with a Tesla, the safest car in the world?”

Model 3 was only one month old

Signs of fatigue are likely to be the reason, because the car is as good as new. The owner said it had it received just a month ago. He was not even particularly excessive on the road, so there are a good 550 kilometers on the counter. It is still unclear why the steering wheel simply detached from the steering column. A Twitter user suspects that the mother, who connects the steering wheel and column, was forgotten during production.


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