Tesla Model 3 (2021): E-car with a range of up to 614 kilometers

• Tesla Model 3 starts at 42,990 euros
• Tidy interior with the latest technology
• As a “Long Range” model, a range of up to 614 kilometers

Engines and prices

There is hardly one Electric car, which is as popular as the Tesla Model 3. In mid-2017 the limousine as the fourth production model from the US manufacturer, the Model 3 has also been roaming Germany’s streets since 2019. With over a million copies sold, the American competitor to the BMW i4 the best-selling electric car of the world. For the 2021 model year, Tesla gave the bestseller an engine update. In the Base there is one now 239 kW (325 hp) strong electric motor on the rear axle. It works in terms of price Entry-level model at 42,990 euros Come on. In the Top version of the Model 3 will be up to 377 kW (510 hp) delivered to all four bikes. Who the “performance“Variant must have at least 54,990 euros put …. on the table. But it doesn’t get much more expensive because the list of equipment options is very short. In addition to the paintwork, interior color and rims, you can also add a advanced autopilot order.

Leasing: Immediately available Model 3 from 299 euros per month

They are also a good alternative to buying Leasing offers. At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) there is already the basic version of the sedan for business customers from 299 euros net per month. As is common with many leasing offers for electric or hybrid vehicles, there is one for the lessee one-time special payment of 6000 euros due. This amount can be used as a Environmental bonus be reimbursed. Prerequisite: the Leasing contract runs at least 24 months.

Since the car is delivered via a Tesla Delivery Center, there is still a net delivery fee of 933.61 euros on the invoice. With a total term of 54 months, a total amount of EUR 17,079.61 net is due. The advantage: The Model 3 is available immediately. According to, the offer may no longer be available at short notice due to the high demand.

Range: Up to 614 kilometers according to WLTP

Even with the batteries has Tesla again for model year 2021 refilled. The standard model 3 gets one 60 kWh-Battery pack. That’s a Range of up to 491 kilometers according to WLTP inside. The two All-wheel drive variants “Long Range AWD” and “Performance AWD” have had one since 2021 82 kWh battery in the sub-floor. This allows a maximum Range from 614 kilometers. The more powerful performance-Version makes it to “only” 547 kilometers.
Tesla Model 3

Black window frames and door handles mark the facelift of the Model 3.

Technical data at a glance:

Model 3:
• 60 kWh battery

• 324 kW (440 PS) and 420 Nm torque
• 225 km / h top speed
• 491 kilometers range
• 0-100 km / h in 6.1 seconds

Model 3 Long Range AWD:
• 82 kWh battery
• 324 kW (440 PS) and 493 Nm torque

• 233 km / h top
• 614 kilometers range
• 0-100 km / h in 4.4 seconds

Model 3 Performance AWD:
• 82 kWh battery
• 377 kW (510 PS) and 660 Nm torque
• 261 km / h top speed
• A range of 547 kilometers
• 0-100 km / h in 3.3 seconds

Design and dimensions

Of the Tesla Model 3 above all fails to be simple design that completely refrains from appearing sporty or aggressive. The trim strips on windows and door handles, which were previously in chrome, have been blackened for the 2021 model year. With just under 4.70 meters in length is the limousine 28 centimeters shorter as Tesla’s upper class offshoot Model S.
With the same height from 1.44 meters Model 3 therefore looks a bit more stocky than Model S. The Wheelbase of 2.88 meters should offer plenty of space for passengers. In the base, the Model 3 stands on 18-inch wheels, on request Tesla can install 19-inch wheels. The “Performance” version is standard on 20-inch wheels.

Overview of dimensions
• Length: 4.69 meters

• Width: 1.85 meters
• Height: 1.44 meters
• Wheelbase: 2.88 meters
• Luggage compartment: 385 liters (720 liters with the bench seat folded down)
• Front loading volume: 58 liters

Tesla Model 3

Lots of touch controls, few buttons: the interior of the Model 3 looks modern and clear.

Interior: well thought out and greatly reduced

A look into the inner space des American shows a very airy and minimalist image. Knobs and dials one looks in vain here, only that Window regulator and two thumb wheels on steering wheel are still available. One does the rest 15 inch central touch display, with which everything can be set. Also the Speedometer display takes over the central display, there is no other screen in front of the steering wheel. As standard, there is a dark interior, with light upholstery available on request. Through a large glass roof, which extends from the front to behind the second row of seats, that works Feeling of space still more open and spacious. Of the Trunk holds up to 385 liters, with the rear seat folded down are even 720 liters. Front in “Frunk” are once again additional 58 liters of storage space.


Carwow Tesla Model 3

Buy Tesla Model 3 at a discount

At there are many new cars at discounts, including the Tesla Model 3.

Purchase advice: the basic model is completely sufficient

In the field of electric mid-range sedans the Tesla Model 3 has so far had little competition. Currently are the Polestar 2 and BMW i4 the only competitors. The BMW is good with a base price of 59,200 euros 16,000 euros more expensive than the American, the Polestar costs around 2500 euros more in the base. In addition, that is impressive Model 3 with its clean, simple design and plenty of space. Also the list of Special equipment is quite short. Optional are only available other exterior colors, rims, interior upholstery and partially autonomous driving. The latter offers more comfort, especially on long journeys, but you must not completely rely on the technology and must always remain vigilant. At quieter Driving style a range of at least 400 kilometers is possible. The basic model is sufficient, but the twin-engine all-wheel drive offers Internet functions, satellite maps, better audio and brutal acceleration. The grip on Maximum range is commendable, but not a must.

Comparison test: Model 3 more dynamic than the Polestar 2

Tesla Polestar 2 Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is the more dynamic electric car, but the Polestar 2 was better processed in the comparison test.

In 2020 the Polestar 2 with dual motor and 300 kW (408 PS) the Tesla Model 3 Performance with 377 kW (510 PS) in AUTO BILD comparison test challenged. Of the Electric Volvo convinces with its intuitive infotainment with Android system and Google functions. In addition, the interior completely dispenses with animal materials. The interior looks high-quality, but in some places it shows processing Defects on. Quality problems is also available at Tesla, but the newer models from China are said to offer significantly better workmanship. Is it about Travel, Model 3 has a clear lead. Its increased performance and agile driving behavior make the Tesla a more dynamic vehicle. The bottom line is the Polestar 2 is in this one test but the better (electric) car.

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