Tesla Model 3 almost completely destroyed in a drug accident – the driver tries to escape on foot

In the US state of Oregon there was a serious solo accident at high speed late on Wednesday evening in which the roof of a Tesla Model 3 was almost completely torn off and individual battery cells were thrown into neighboring houses. A wheel of the electric car also hit the outer wall at the level of the second floor of another house with such force that the pipes laid inside broke and caused considerable water damage. The driver of the Tesla, however, was almost unharmed and tried to escape on foot.

Tesla Model 3 knocks over mast and trees

The police in Corvallis in the northern US state reported on Facebook on Wednesday and published some terrifying pictures. According to her, the vehicle involved in the accident is a Model S, but the white Tesla in the pictures looks more like a Model 3. In any case, it has been severely damaged. Virtually the entire right-hand side of the electric car, including the roof, has been torn away, and it looks as if the entire rear half has buckled after contact with an obstacle.

According to the police, that’s no wonder. The driver of the Model 3 was on a normal road in Corvallis at more than 100 miles per hour, it was determined according to their information. Then he lost control of the vehicle, got off the road and only stopped after 100 meters. According to the Facebook report, the Tesla had previously knocked over a power pole, two trees and a telephone junction box. A battery cell flew through the window of a house and landed in the lap of a resident, another in another house in a bed, the ceiling of which caught fire.

Driver hardly injured, flows on foot

But it is astonishing how it continued: The driver was not seriously injured or even killed, but apparently got out immediately and tried to flee on foot. The police said he was only caught three blocks away with only minor injuries. Even so, the matter has more consequences than just a wrecked car: The driver was found to be using marijuana, officials write. For this, as well as for hit-and-run, dangerous driving and endangering others, there are now procedures for him.

Nevertheless, after the intoxication, the Tesla owner should be happy to have gotten away with his life. The news of the happy outcome also spread on Twitter, where Tesla was praised for its very safe electric cars. Even CEO Elon Musk became aware of this and stated that safety was the most important design goal at Tesla. In fact, Teslas garnered excellent ratings in crash tests. However, some commentators also saw a good deal of luck for the man behind the wheel in the current case.


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