Tesla Model 3 moves VW Golf 8 in the new registrations on the skin

Tesla is always for you surprise Well. This includes the current one Admission statistics of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) from September 2021: Last month, 6828 new Tesla Model 3 approved in Germany. this are only 58 Copies fewerthan in the same period from VW Golf came out onto the street. Is this the breakthrough for Tesla – and for electric cars in general?
The thing is not so easy. If you compare the summarized approval numbers of January to September 2021, then the supposed head-to-head race looks a bit different: The rating in the admission battle is namely 23,982 Model 3 against 78,814 VW Golf. So so far this year it has been around three and a half times brought as many new Golfs as Model 3 to the market.

Tesla pushes the quarterly figures in the registration statistics

You also have to know that Tesla to each End of quarter – and on September 30th the third quarter ended – his Registration numbers powerful pushes. In the Months ago sales at the US electric car maker were clear lower. In August, for example, the KBA only registered 2,946 new Model 3s.

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Other manufacturers are also trying to Registration numbers to steer. This happens across brands at the Own approvalsthat a little later than Short term– and Daily admissions as well as being pushed into the used car market as young used cars. And also the car sharingPrivate label Weshare VW is used to put an annual four-digit number of new e-cars on the road.
Tesla Model 3

At the end of the quarter, Tesla is trying to increase its deliveries – fewer than 3000 Model 3s were registered in Germany in August 2021.

In addition: who VW Golf 8 and Tesla Model 3 compete against each other, who compares Apples with Pears. they are no direct Competitors. While the Golf as a compact combustion engine competes against half the world and is accordingly exposed to a variety of influences, the Tesla (still) enjoys a niche existence as a mid-range electric car. This is also shown by the KBA statistics: During the golf in its segment to one Market share of about 20th percent comes, the Model 3 goes over one one-third broad in its segment.

VW is competing with itself

Another point is the high productDiversification at VW: When the Golf was launched in 1974, it was still one of six The car series that Volkswagen offered in Germany has become the Variety of models unbelievably spread out to this day. In this area makes Volkswagen themselves self violent competitor: Below the luxury class, customers today have the choice between twice as many VW models, from the Up to the Tiguan.
VW Golf VIII 1.5 eTSI

The number of registrations for the VW Golf has been declining for a number of years. One reason: More and more drivers want to own an SUV.

Then there is the compact electric car VW ID.3, which had 3750 new registrations in August 2021, and 2694 in September. That was it in the first half of 2021 best-selling Electric car in Europe. Incidentally, 804 fewer copies of the Tesla Model 3 were launched on the market in August. However, it sinks Market share of golf for several years. One of the reasons for this is that increasingly SUVs hip, trendy, popular are. For this flavor, VW offers the Tiguan, T-Cross and T-Roc in the compact segment alone.

Chip maker prepaid

Who against it electric powered Mid-size sedan would like to have, he’ll come on Model 3 hardly over. Tesla itself only has one alternative in the model range, the new crossover SUV model Y. All model series taken together, around 31,000 VW were newly registered in September. That is a little less than the total number of Tesla vehicles currently on the road in Germany!

Endurance test dismantling / control unit, computer chip, Infineon chip

Due to the semiconductor crisis, not enough chips are available, which has led to a decline in sales for all car manufacturers.

After all, that too Semiconductor shortage a topic that is more the golf than that Tesla regards. Because the US manufacturer Tesla – unlike many other car manufacturers – took precautions and its suppliers in the Far East already at the beginning of the year in advance paid, reports the “Spiegel”.

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“The semiconductor shortage delayed the Extraditions“, so a VW spokesman compared to AUTO BILD. The stagnant supply of parts delays the production volume considerably, so there is short-time work in several plants in Lower Saxony. 110,000 VW Golf from the order intake in 2021 have therefore not yet been delivered. That is almost as many as were sold in Germany in the whole of last year! According to experts, the semiconductor shortage will last well into 2022.

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