Tesla Model 3: Not perfect, but the concept is impressive

I’m not a huge Tesla fan. And when I get in, I know why. I’m an automotive traditionalist – even if I’m basically open to alternative drive concepts. However: A car must be operated intuitively and be coherent. The Model 3 from Like2drive makes it a bit difficult for me even before the start on the long haul.


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Instead of a key, there is a flimsy chip card to unlock it. The door handles are simply mounted the wrong way around. They fold forward. Inside it goes on – operation almost exclusively via the central monitor. fiddly.

Tesla Model 3

All thanks to a loading stop: a replica 917 discovered while walking. Drive on with a permanent smile.

Just read the mileage before you start your journey? For those with little Tesla experience like me, a dive into infotainment. The animal-free leather crumples artificially, and at 1.95 meters I feel a bit too tall for the flat windscreen.

Model 3 analyzes the traffic situation

Stop! Brief pause. Note to self: stay neutral. After a short period of getting used to it, I mastered the screen and began to appreciate the clear display of the navigation map. The cameras recognize cyclists, trucks, other cars, traffic lights, cones.

And even if the steering feels a bit like the steering wheel on the PlayStation 2 back then, the driving experience is relaxed to casual. As you can see, I’m slowly warming up to the Model 3 and programming my destination in southern Germany into the navigation system. And then I begin to understand what makes Tesla fans so excited about these cars.
Tesla Model 3

1137 kilometers per hour for a short time – that is a charging speed record on my journey.

The Model 3 independently suggests a route from Supercharger to Supercharger. Also tells me that for the time being I should not drive faster than 120 km/h for the fastest arrival time at the destination.

Okay, I stick to it and a short time later I head for the first Tesla charging station. Open the flap, plug in the cable – it buzzes. The power is on. It couldn’t be easier!

Peak charging with almost 160 kW

Opposite, the other e-car drivers are waiting with their colorful bunch of charging cards at the fast chargers for a free space. There’s a Model S and I on the Tesla page. And it stays that way for the whole trip. Free Tesla chargers are displayed in real time in the navigation system.

I never see a zero after a good 3000 kilometers. I always pull up to an empty column, charge with almost 160 kW at peak times and am gone again before I get bored. Sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes 20. This is how e-mobility works. It feels like being a member of an exclusive club.

Tesla Model 3

Charging made easy: drive up the Tesla Supercharger, open the flap, plug it in, take a break.

The somewhat stuck chassis, the clumsy traffic sign recognition and assistance systems that get scared in construction sites next to camping teams. All of that needs to be mentioned too – and yes, it annoys me.

But I have to be honest, as soon as the pre-conditioning primes the battery a few kilometers before the next charge, I inevitably grin.

Charging in the Tesla is impressive and puts you in a good mood – in contrast to many other e-cars! Incidentally, my Model 3 long-distance average consumption of 15.7 kWh is also good as a mood lift. Not every Stromer can do that.

And so I’m still not an outspoken Tesla fan when I last closed it. But at least a Tesla fan understander.

relationship status

Commute The only point of criticism: the tight chassis. Points: 4/5

Shopping Camera surveillance helps against parking lot bumps. Points: 4/5

Transport Deep trunk. A station wagon would be even better. Points: 4/5

Vacation Holidays for two or three are possible, with four it gets tight. Points: 3/5

family life The kids have fun with the infotainment. Points: 4/5

In a nutshell

What will the neighbors say if I drive up? I don’t care about cars, but Tesla is awesome!
Why would I recommend the car to my best friend? With the Supercharger network, it is fully suitable for long distances.
What do I remember? The Model 3 driver in oncoming traffic who greets casually as if we were two motorcyclists.

Tesla Model 3

• Perfomance 239 kW (325 hp)
• Battery capacity 60kWh
• L/W/H 4694/1849/1443mm
• trunk 561 l rear + 88 l front
• 0-100km/h 6.1s
• Top 225km/h
• Consumption (WLTP) 14.4kWh/100km
• Price from 52,965 euros

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