Tesla Model 3 with cracks in the underbody: Case ends up in court

Things aren’t going well at Tesla. Quality problems make the US car manufacturer to create again and again. And they even took Tesla to the district court in Munich! What happened? When changing a tire on a Tesla Model 3, cracks were discovered in the underbody. According to media reports, Tesla wanted to eliminate them by repainting them – without success.


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Two cases are now known

Another case has since been brought before the same court. Another Tesla Model 3 owner found his new vehicle scratched, deformed, and cracked jack sockets, as well as different color tones in the paintwork. Tesla spoke of errors of a “cosmetic nature”.
In this case, however, an expert certified that the floor assembly was damaged. Here, too, the allocation of a new TÜV badge would be questionable.

Is Tesla threatened with a wave of lawsuits?

The regional court has not yet pronounced a judgment in either case, and Tesla has not yet commented on it either. Should the court agree with the plaintiffs and possibly even oblige Tesla to deliver the vehicles again, the carmaker could face an extensive wave of lawsuits.

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