Tesla Model Pi: All information about the Tesla smartphone

Here’s all the news and speculation about Tesla’s mysterious Model Pi smartphone.

Tesla is known for its electric cars. But there are some exciting rumors that Elon Musk would also like to try Tesla in the smartphone market. Here’s everything we’ve said so far about it

mysterious Tesla Model Pi

know, including whether we can really assume Tesla is making a smartphone at all.

Will the Tesla Model Pi come to market?

At the moment, the Tesla Model Pi remains just speculation. Elon Musk himself tweeted that smartphones are “yesterday’s technology.”

Many rumors relate to the development of chips that can be implanted in the brain so that devices can be controlled by the electrical impulses generated by thinking. One of Musk’s companies, called Neuralink Corporation, is already heavily involved in the development of this technology. But it will probably be a long time before you can really “chip” yourself.

How much would the Tesla Model Pi cost?

No price is known yet, but looking at the features speculated below, it’s possible that it could get quite expensive. Tesla’s cars aren’t cheap, and we can’t imagine a potential new product changing that.

What features and specs can we expect in the Tesla Model Pi?

The Model Pi is currently something of a legend. And the rumor mill has gone in some rather strange directions when it comes to the features Tesla could introduce with its first smartphone. Artist De Rosa has created some beautiful images showing what design Tesla could choose. Of course, these images are purely conceptual and are not based on concrete plans.

Probably the most realistic rumor is that Tesla

solar panels

built into the device to allow charging without a power source. That makes sense, as it would fit Tesla’s eco-focused brand while also leveraging solar technology the company has already developed.

Of course, whether solar technology is capable of powering a phone all day long, especially if the phone itself spends most of its time in your pocket or pocket, is another question entirely.

There are also legitimate rumors that the Model Pi could be closely linked to Tesla vehicles to allow greater control over settings and features on the go.

Numerous reports indicate that the Model Pi will use the Starlink service from Musk’s company SpaceX. This is essentially a satellite-based fast broadband that is intended to provide good coverage in many areas where 5G cannot catch on. Satellite phones already exist, but they are very expensive compared to standard LTE smartphones. So Tesla would have its hands full making the Model Pi accessible to the general public.

Remember the Neuralink technology we mentioned earlier? Well, many media outlets are claiming that the Model Pi will be compatible with Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) chips, which would allow users to control their devices through thoughts. That sounds incredibly interesting, but trying to get Siri to call the right person or Alexa to pick the right song could make imagining a mind-control phone a nightmare.

Finally, and of all the rumors we’ve seen, the most exciting is that Starlink technology will allow the Model Pi to

to work on Mars

. Yes indeed. On the Mars. Honestly, we’d be more impressed if Tesla could set it up so we could get a decent signal at the local coffee shop. That would be a real breakthrough.

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This article was first published by our UK colleagues at Techadvisor and has been translated into German.

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