Tesla Model S and Model X: an imminent restyling?

Still at the stage of speculation, the restyling of the Tesla Model S and Model X seems to be getting closer.

The Tesla Model S and Model X have started to animate the Web: according to some observers, the restyling of these two models is near. This is implied by certain instructions given to resellers. According to them, Palo Alto would have asked them to liquidate all inventory of Model S and Model X by the end of the month. This demand comes on top of the recent interruption in production of these two models, which should facilitate the sale of the last copies.

Towards an in-depth evolution?

According to Electrek, this request would aim to make room for new versions of the electric sedan and SUV. For the moment, no information has been delivered on these next generations which still belong to the world of speculation.

However, they would be the realization of the Palladium project, which consists in setting up new production lines for the Model S and Model X. This promises more profound changes than a simple restyling. But the pencil stroke will not be forgotten: the exterior styling should be redesigned, as should the interior, which would be closer to that of the Model 3 and Model Y.


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