Tesla Model S as a convertible! Ares Design is converting an electric sedan

Italians convert the Tesla Model S into an electric convertible

Ares Design from Italy is converting the Model S electric sedan into a convertible. So well that the car could also come from Tesla itself.

F.The enjoyment of fresh air and the unfiltered engine sound are decisive advantages of the convertible. The second point can be made with this fully electric one Tesla Model S convertible confidently forget. Its appeal is much more in its own Exclusivity. Tesla itself only builds the Model S as a sedan, the convertible conversion is still a one-off. Responsible for this is Ares Design from Modena, who also created the new version of the DeTomaso Panthera based on Lamborghini. The Tesla conversion seems to have been a success. The look is of course a matter of taste. But it is amazing how well the Model S proportions are suitable for a convertible.

E-car accessories

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The Ares convertible has a electrically foldable soft top. If it is open, it takes up almost all of the space on the back seat. Instead find yourself behind the front seats now two jump seats. Not bad, because in the course of the renovation the rear doors disappeared anyway – including B and C pillars! Sounds like a lot of twisting pleasure.

Ares Design Tesla Model S Convertible

The conversion looks quite successful. The Model S proportions also look good as a convertible.


To counteract this, the side walls and the rear body area were reinforced. Ares Design installs for the safety of the passengers two roll bars, which pop out when a rollover threatens. Speaking of passengers, they are now indulging in an oasis made of black, white and orange leather. The convertible also has a Body kit made of carbon and new rims.

Ares Design only reveals the conversion price if you are interested in buying

Ares Design Tesla Model S Convertible

With three-tone leather, the show car shows what is possible. Customers can freely choose the colors.


The conversion is currently still a one-off, but Ares Design will produce more copies upon request. Any model S can serve as a basis. So maximum would be 585 kW (795 PS) in the Model S Performance. Ares Design will only reveal what the conversion will cost if you are seriously interested in buying. The New car price of a Model S of at least 81,990 euros But you can count on it again. It’s cheaper here: Used Tesla Model S with warranty!


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