Tesla Model S jumps over the crest of the road and crashes

It’s a miracle nobody was hurt! In California, a Tesla Model S shot over a hilltop at high speed, flew several meters through the air with a full load and then crashed back onto the road. The 100,000 euro electric car was severely damaged, the occupants were unharmed, according to spectators. One of the witnesses of this dangerous action was Youtuber Alex Choi (755,000 subscribers), who uploaded a video of this crazy action.
The deliberate departure may be based on YouTube star David Dobrik, who had his Tesla Model X jump over the same crest in 2020 – without damaging the car. At the wheel was a motorcyclist who had previously jumped over the crest with his bike. Elon Musk, who launched a Tesla Roadster into space in 2018, later commented on the stunt on Twitter with a “!”.
Whether and what the Tesla boss to that crash with the Model S remains to be seen. Likewise, what consequences threaten the driver.

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