Tesla Model S loses its roof on the road

While the Model 3 and Model Y have already grabbed the headlines due to a similar issue, it is now the Tesla Model S’s turn to lose body parts along the way.

Although the Tesla displays a neat presentation, the finish is not yet a chapter particularly mastered by the brand. If the Model S has learned during its long career, the Model 3 and Model Y are for the moment the main accused: the sedan has some paint problems and can lose its rear bumper in puddles, while the Model Y has the ability to transform into a convertible.

But more recently, the Tesla Model S has been the center of attention following a similar problem. Recorded by a dashcam in China, the electric sedan saw its roof soar towards the skies as it drove down a fast lane.

A repair done outside the Tesla network that caused the problem

After going viral in China and around the world, this video prompted Tesla to contact the driver of this copy. According to the brand, this roof was the subject of a recent replacement at a repairer outside the Tesla network. Palo Alto, on the other hand, would not have liked to comment further on the issue.

Tesla has every interest in taking the lead as soon as a problem of this kind appears, even if it concerns only one copy worldwide: after the first two episodes, some observers have not hesitated to make it a generality. This could give rise to a very bad image for the brand, which would risk sticking to its skin for many, many years.


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