Tesla Model Y: all-inclusive leasing for business customers

The Tesla Model Y is a real all-rounder: the SUV in the long-range version with AWD offers plenty of storage space (854 to 2041 liters at the rear, 117 l at the front), is 100 percent electric, has a range of up to 533 kilometers according to WLTP and Thanks to an output of 378 kW (514 hp), it reaches a top speed of an impressive 217 km/h. Most e-cars are curtailed much earlier!
The Model Y Performance offers a little more driving fun – but with a correspondingly shorter range. The maximum range is 514 kilometers, the power increases to 534 hp and the top speed to 250 km/h.
The Tesla does the sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. But the price of the performance model also skyrockets: instead of 56,990 euros, 65,490 euros are due.

Lease Tesla Model Y Long Range for 639 euros net

Business customers can currently lease the Tesla Model Y Long Range from (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) for 639 euros net. This condition is available with a contract period of 60 months and 10,000 free kilometers per year.

If the 60 months are too long, you can also fall back on 48 (680 euros net) or 36 months (747 euros net). The annual free kilometers are also variable: from 10,000 km in increments of 5,000 up to 30,000 km per year.

Amazingly short delivery time, GHG premium also possible

The electric Tesla Model Y also qualifies for the GHG premium, which also applies to leased vehicles. In order to easily get back a three-digit amount per year, the owner only has to register this with the Federal Environment Agency.

Three years of Tesla Model Y drive for 26,892 euros

With this deal, customers do not have to worry about the BAFA premium; the lessor takes care of the procedure. There are no costs for down payment and provision. In the best-case scenario, this results in total leasing costs of 26,892 euros net (36 times 747 euros).

In return, customers receive an attractive all-inclusive package. This includes motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance, a repair and maintenance service, summer and winter tires plus storage, vehicle registration (with Düsseldorf license plate) and a loading card. The license fee is also included in the leasing rate.

Vattenfall wall boxes

Vattenfall Wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

Vattenfall charging packages including inexpensive wall boxes with a hardware bonus: Charge Amps Halo™ from 299 euros

In co-operation with

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The equipment of the Tesla is already configured and can no longer be adjusted. But the package is impressive: autopilot (adaptive cruise control, steering assistant), heated front and rear seats, tinted glass roof, automatic climate control, over-the-air software updates, 19-inch wheels, parking aid with 360-degree camera , 15-inch display, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are on board. The Model Y is painted in “Pearl White Multi-Coat”, the interior is black.

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