Tesla Model Y from China launched: price drops significantly, steering wheel heating and Hepa filter

At the beginning of the new year (in the West), Tesla does not lose any time: towards the end of 2020, there was increasing speculation and reports about an imminent start of production for the Model Y in the Chinese gigafactory, and according to the local Tesla website, it is now actually supposed to go to be shipped this January. At the same time, Tesla adjusted the prices for the two variants of its electric car in the popular crossover format in China significantly down to the US level – and surprisingly removed the middle variant of the Model 3 from the range.

Price for Tesla Model Y reduced by 30%

Various Twitter users reported on the new information on the Tesla website for China on New Year’s Day, and it was possible to understand it with the help of Google translations. According to this, the Model Y from the Chinese gigafactory in the country of production can now be ordered for 339,900 yuan (about 43,000 euros) in the long range version and for 369,900 yuan (46,500 euros) as a performance and will be delivered in January 2021.

Both versions cost about 30 percent less than was previously stated on the web. The Tesla Model Y Long Range still costs more in China than in the US (45,690 dollars, the equivalent of 37,500 euros, the performance version at 55,690 dollars (46,000 euros) about the same, with sales taxes of the states being added in each case the small price difference of only 3,500 euros between the long-range and performance version in China, while it is 10,000 dollars in the USA.

The prices for the Model 3 in China have remained unchanged. Probably the cheapest Tesla in the world is still its standard range plus variant with LFP batteries from CATL for 265,740 yuan (33,400 euros), which was offered in Germany from just under 41,000 euros (with the manufacturer’s electric car premium share of 3000 euros net already deducted) ). Surprisingly, however, the Model 3 with a larger battery and all-wheel drive disappeared from the Tesla website in China. Only Model 3 Standard Range Plus or Performance are available there, for reasons that are initially unknown and possibly only temporarily.

Export to Europe could follow soon

With the concrete order start and the new prices for the Model Y, Tesla introduced some interior innovations. The most visible is a new center console, like the one that Model 3 from the USA had received in October 2020: matt instead of glossy and with a sliding instead of folding mechanism and an integrated phone charger. In the interior view of the configurator, you can see a new wooden panel in the top of the door panel. And according to the description of the interior, the Model Y from China, unlike the Model 3, has both a heated steering wheel and the extremely fine HEPA filter for the interior as in Model S and Model X.

The fact that the Model Y deliveries expected for early 2021 will now begin so early in the year could also be good news for European customers, as could the lower prices. In all likelihood, Tesla will export Model Y from China, as has Model 3 since October 2020, to Europe. The start of series production in China could mean that it will soon be the case.


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