Tesla Model Y in China before the start: Ministry allows sales, grants tax exemption

Just like almost exactly a year ago with the Model 3, Tesla is currently collecting the necessary permits for the production and sale of the crossover relative Model Y in China his sale. And also on Monday it became known that the new Tesla model, such as the Model 3, would receive an exemption from the ten percent sales tax.

Ministry allows sales

The Reuters news agency reported on Monday that the Model Y was granted a sales license in China. The permit was published on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, it says in their message. In addition, the Tesla observer @ ray4tesla reported on Twitter that Model Y had been added to the list of emission-free vehicles that are exempt from car sales tax of ten percent.

With Model 3, too, around this time of year, but already in 2019, the reports about the last steps before the market launch had piled up. Deliveries then began at the beginning of January with a celebration in the new Gigafactory in China. This October around 13,000 Model 3s were sold there and several thousand more were produced for the first time for export to Europe.

With the new Model Y, the timing could look similar. It is being built in a second Giga hall, which already had machines in October, as Tesla showed in its latest quarterly report. The company itself has set the target date for the start of production at the beginning of 2021. The ramp-up could then be even faster than before with the Model 3. A Chinese portal reported at the beginning of November, citing industry insiders, that 250,000 Tesla Model Ys should be produced in China in 2021.

Tesla Model Y for Europe too

As before with the Model 3, Tesla still needs at least one more approval to really get started with the Model Y in China, explained other Twitter observers: which applied for sale at the beginning of the month. If this is also available, Chinese customers should get their Model Y first. But unlike the Model 3, its export seems to be already firmly planned, so that the Tesla crossover should be available in Europe before production in the Gigafactory near Berlin.


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