Tesla Model Y: Record results in the EuroNCAP crash test – testers cheer

The German-built Tesla Model Y has achieved top results in the EuroNCAP crash test. The conclusion of the renowned EuroNCAP committee reads like a hymn of praise.

The Tesla Model Y earned five stars in the EuroNCAP crash test. This is not unusual, many modern vehicles, including many cheaper models, achieve the coveted 5-star rating. But the detailed assessment by EuroNCAP shows the particular strengths of the Tesla model, which is built in the German Tesla factory in Grünheide.

EuroNCAP praises Tesla Model Y

As EuroNCAP writes: “The much-anticipated Tesla Model Y has not disappointed and shoots up to the top of the recently released five-star cars”. With the following reasoning: “The Model Y, being built in Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory, achieves an impressive 97 percent in adult occupant protection and a near-perfect 98 percent in safety assist, with full marks for lane assist and the new camera-based driver monitoring system. In Euro NCAP track tests, Model Y’s camera-based vision system performs remarkably well in avoiding collisions with other cars, cyclists and pedestrians.”

EuroNCAP continued in their praise: “We congratulate Tesla on a truly outstanding, record-breaking assessment of the Model Y. Tesla has shown that they only do the best, and we hope they will continue to strive for that goal in the future.”

Tesla celebrates EuroNCAP rating

The jubilation at Tesla was accordingly. The electric car pioneer emphasizes these two test results in particular: The “Model Y, produced in Germany, received the highest total number of points of all vehicles that have been tested according to the latest and strictest test protocol by EuroNCAP”. And: The “Model Y also achieved one Rating of 97% in the adult occupant protection category – again the highest of any vehicle tested under this protocol.”

Tesla vehicle reviews

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