Tesla names names from the management team for Giga Berlin: three out of five were previously at Daimler

Tesla needs thousands of employees for various hierarchical levels and areas for the Gigafactory that is being built in Grünheide near Berlin. Of course, not every change from a traditional car manufacturer to the challenger is known, but at the management level there was already an accumulation of former Daimler employees who could be won over to the German gigafactory. Now a HR manager at Tesla recruited a shift manager for process technology in Grünheide on LinkedIn and Twitter and mentioned who is already on the team there – and of the five people mentioned, three of the five people mentioned worked at Daimler until recently.

Tesla subsidy through Daimler severance payments

The probably best-known switch to Tesla in Grünheide even became a political issue last November, because IG Metall protested against it: According to their statements, the former head of the Daimler engine plant in Berlin-Marienfelde had decided to move to the new factory for the electric car Competitors work. This is not surprising in that the Berlin plant for combustion engine components is to be gradually shut down, according to the union.

But Daimler is not only saving in Berlin – and as it turned out in the course of a further change, the long-established company is subsidizing reinforcements for the emerging Gigafactory team at Tesla with high severance packages: for example, those who are 45 years old and are at Daimler earned € 6,500 gross per month, according to a report, you can expect € 215,000 or, with an express surcharge, even € 275,000 as a parting gift.

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This was also attractive for the engineer Stefan Schwunk, who is known on YouTube, who published a video this January (now set to “private”) about his switch from Daimler to Tesla. In it he mentioned the attractive severance payments, but also other reasons such as too little conviction in electric cars and too much bureaucracy at his old employer as well as better opportunities for promotion at Tesla.

Change to the Gigafactory after 31 years

And as the current LinkedIn advertisement for shift supervisor positions shows, several (ex) colleagues from Schwunk have joined the caravan to Grünheide – even the HR manager who published it gives at least a brief visit to Daimler in her profile at. In the post on the job advertisement, she mentions five people, including links to their LinkedIn profiles, as an “opportunity to get to know the team”. And it can be seen from these that three of them also come from Daimler. The longest previous period of service there was 31 years and 3 months, starting with an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and finally as a manager in production in Berlin-Marienfelde, a changeover who now bears the title of Associate Manager at Tesla.


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