Tesla navigation now shows waiting times on the Supercharger – but many questions unanswered

In addition to the vehicle-specific advantages of electric cars, the company’s own supercharger network is also an important factor in Tesla’s success. While other automakers rely on offers from third parties, Tesla started building its own charging infrastructure early on and continues to do so. Nevertheless, especially in the USA, it does not always keep up with the increasing number of vehicles that require electricity. This is probably why Tesla has now started to display the waiting time in its electric cars in addition to the load – but not very precisely.

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For some time now, the navigation system in Tesla vehicles has been showing how many of the columns there are currently free or occupied when approaching a supercharger. In this way, you can at least see in advance whether a charging point should be available at all, and alternative locations can also be displayed. If the Supercharger is completely occupied, however, you don’t know whether there might even be a queue there and how long it is.

But that seems to be changing now, as reported on Twitter @EliBurton_, Tesla fan from California and inventor of the Starman comics about the dummy at the wheel of Elon Musk’s Roadster, which was sent into space as a test load with a SpaceX rocket has been. When selecting a supercharger in Mojave, he discovered the information on the screen “short wait” (short waiting time).

It remained open, however, what is meant by “short waiting time” – and pretty much everything else. It is also not known what Tesla will display if the waiting time is no longer assessed as short. The same applies to the algorithm behind the new function: Are only vehicles included in the calculation that are currently charging, or also those that are waiting? Theoretically, Tesla should be able to obtain information about the number of cars on each supercharger from the GPS data of its electric cars and that of the soon-to-be-arriving navigation destinations.

The next waves of supercharging are coming

Gathering more information about the new information was made more difficult by the fact that overloading of Tesla superchargers has so far only occurred at peak times. For example, CEO Musk personally had to wait when he left with Model X and family from an aborted SpaceX launch attempt in Florida. As Twitter commenters noted, the feature (if it has been or is being rolled out at all) could be useful no later than the approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the United States. And then Tesla drivers will also have the opportunity to analyze them in more detail together.


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