Tesla numbers (and model news?) On Wednesday: What stock market watchers expect

This Wednesday, Tesla observers in Europe have to work overtime: the company has announced the publication of its business figures for the fourth quarter and thus also for the full year 2020 for shortly after the stock market close in the USA. Then it is already after 10 p.m. in Germany, and until the usual telephone conference begins, the curious have to wait until 0.30 a.m. on Thursday. But it could be worth it, because CEO Elon Musk and his top management team usually also use the conference, which is broadcast live on the web, to answer long-standing or new questions about products.

Tesla profit is expected to more than double

Looking at the numbers, analysts are currently expecting Tesla’s sixth quarterly profit in a row and thus the first ever in a full year. On average, according to a report by TheStreet, they expect adjusted quarterly earnings of $ 1.04 per share for Q4 2020, which corresponds to a total of around $ 1 billion. The profit would more than double compared to the fourth quarter a year earlier. According to the official GAAP calculation (including the costs for stock option programs), according to Marketwatch, 85 cents per Tesla share are expected.

For sales in the fourth quarter of 2020, analysts also expect an almost round figure on average: 10.5 billion dollars after 7.4 billion dollars in the final quarter of 2019, around 35 percent more. It was announced at the beginning of January that Tesla delivered a good 180,000 electric cars in the last quarter of 2020 (and thus almost achieved the minimum target of 500,000 units for the full year despite the coronavirus crisis). These sales should again make up the lion’s share of sales. According to Zacks Investment Research, analysts expect sales to increase by around half to $ 528 million in the energy sector with photovoltaics and battery storage systems.

Even more important for the further development of the Tesla share is of course the outlook for the future and for the time being again the information on the targeted deliveries in 2021. An analyst CEO Musk has already elicited a hint after the figures for the third quarter of 2020: Whether Tesla will could reach between 850,000 and 1 million electric cars in the new year, he asked what Musk called “not far off.” Optimists hope that he wanted to indicate more than 1 million Teslas sold in 2021, but analysts have recently mostly expected the lower value.

Europe questions about Model Y and FSD

Which product questions Musk and team will then provide is completely open, but there would be a lot to tell. For a few weeks, there has been increasing speculation about a refresh of the Tesla Model S and Model X – if Tesla does not say anything about it, it will not be available for the time being. In addition, not only investors will want to hear news about the Tesla Cybertruck and Semi: The production start of these two commercial electric cars is set for this year, and Musk has not said anything concrete for a long time.

Especially for European customers it is of course interesting how it looks with the Tesla Model Y: Will it really only come to the old continent when the new Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin is up and running, or maybe even earlier from China, where this model will be produced at the beginning of January has begun? And if you stay up long enough, you may also find out live when Tesla is expanding the beta test of its latest FSD software for autonomous driving to Europe and whether there will be a subscription offer for it soon.


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