Tesla opens German superchargers for third-party brands – partially

From now on, non-Tesla drivers can also charge their e-cars in Germany at some Tesla superchargers.

Tesla is now also opening some of its superchargers in Germany for third-party brands. In addition, e-car drivers in Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland can now charge their e-cars at selected superchargers, even if they are not Tesla vehicles.

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In Germany, 16 stations and 314 individual superchargers should now be usable for non-Tesla drivers. As part of this pilot project, non-Tesla drivers can use the Tesla app to bill for the charging process.

With this program, Tesla is also introducing a membership model for charging. Customers can pay a monthly membership fee (EUR 12.99 in Germany) in the app to access cheaper kWh prices (EUR 0.55 in Germany) like Tesla owners. Non-members also have access, but at a higher kWh price (EUR 0.70 in Germany). Fees vary by location and can be viewed in the Tesla app.

Nothing changes for Tesla drivers

Tesla drivers can continue to use the Superchargers as usual. Tesla wants to monitor the utilization at each location and evaluate the experiences of its customers so that Tesla drivers are not disappointed and may have to wait too long.

In the Netherlands, France, Norway, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Austria and Belgium, this test program for charging third-party e-cars with Tesla’s superchargers has been running for some time: Tesla is opening up superchargers in other countries for other makes.

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