Tesla passes 25,000 Superchargers worldwide

To keep pace with Model in circulation, Tesla is developing its Supercharger network made up of 25,000 terminals around the world.

We no longer present the Supercharger network of the Californian brand, which allows the brand’s customers to have a network of reliable, fast and affordable terminals. Motivated by sharply increasing sales volumes, the brand is still stepping up the development of its network.

From now on, the Superchager Tesla network has 25,000 terminals spread across the globe. An exceptional volume, which is growing exponentially: last November, the manufacturer announced a fleet of 20,000 fast charging stations around the globe.

Towards 40,000 terminals for the 10 years of the network?

Launched in 2012 with the Tesla Model S, the Supercharger network has grown slowly, in parallel with developments in the range and in technologies. As everything accelerates on Tesla’s side, the infrastructure today counts on nearly 2,700 stations, with more and more V3 units with a DC power of 250 kW.

With this pace, Tesla could quickly take another step with a volume of 30,000 Superchargers worldwide well before the end of the year. At this rate, the brand could easily reach 40,000 units for the network’s 10 years. This will allow the future “best-selling car in the world” to find charging stations easily.


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