Tesla pays 118 million to employee for racism in the workplace

In 2015 and 2016, the temporary worker faced a hostile work environment at the Tesla factory in Freemont, California, in which he says his colleagues used derogatory nicknames for him and other black employees.

He was also told to ‘go back to Africa’ and racist graffiti was painted in the toilets. There were also racist drawings in the room where he worked.

That prompted a jury in San Francisco to order Tesla to pay the employee $137 million in damages.

Refused to sign agreement

According to his lawyers, the case against Tesla could only proceed because he refused to sign an agreement in which Tesla forces employees to settle disputes out of court.

According to the jury, Tesla had failed to prevent the employee from being treated racially. The compensation consists of $ 6.9 million for emotional damage and 130 million as a penalty.

‘Incidences solved’

Tesla previously stated that it never intended to neglect the rights and safety of black workers and that all incidents reported by Diaz had been investigated and resolved.

Tesla’s attorney also told the jury that Diaz’s claims were not supported by evidence.

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