Tesla production in China in January set a new record – around 1700 Model Ys sold

With the start of production of the Model Y in the Gigafactory in China, Tesla has further increased its capacity. A total of 24,800 electric cars were produced there in January 2021, according to reports from Chinese organizations that were reported on Twitter this week. What the division into Model 3 and Model Y looks like cannot be derived from these figures. But according to other statistics, a total of around 1700 Model Ys were sold in China in January, which should roughly correspond to the number of units produced. And the head of Tesla in China said they are “fighting” to reach 450,000 vehicles in the local factory by the end of this year.

Capacity 300,000 electric cars / year

According to Tom Zhu, President of Tesla China, in a recent interview, the Gigafactory in his country for the Model 3 was originally only designed for 150,000 units per year. A technical upgrade has already increased the capacity to 250,000. The total number of 450,000 electric cars he cited per year would mean that an additional projected capacity of 200,000 Model Ys should be achieved in China by the end of 2021 at the latest.

And in January, Tesla apparently took the first step in this direction. A total of 24,800 Model 3 and Model Y were produced there, according to Twitter reports from figures from the consumer organization CCA. That was almost 10 percent more than in December 2020. Extrapolated, this already results in an annual capacity of almost 300,000 for the two Tesla models in China.


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In contrast, Tesla saw sales in the country decline this January. In December 2020, 23,804 locally manufactured Model 3s had reached their customers, while in the past few months it was only 13,843, such as the local Twitter user @DKurac citing figures from the CPCA Association wrote. But as in October 2020, the Gigafactory in Shanghai again produced Model 3 for export this January. According to observers, this time they are not intended for EU markets such as Germany, but rather for right-hand drive countries such as Great Britain or Hong Kong very close by.

Tesla President: “works day and night”

In turn, total sales of local Teslas in China are said to have reached 15,484 electric cars in January. That would mean there were around 1,700 Model Ys in the first month of its official production. Tesla has a long way to go before Zhu reaches its target of 200,000 Model Ys per year from China. But the China president also revealed how it can be achieved: “Disregard the families, work day and night – without that we cannot manage this pace,” said Zhu.


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