Tesla: Recall campaign with over a million vehicles

In the largest recall campaign to date, 1.1 million Tesla vehicles have to be equipped with new software.

Tesla is facing a huge recall campaign: Most of the vehicles produced to date, including all Model Y, have to be provided with new firmware because the window regulator motors do not reliably lock up when they encounter resistance. However, this is mandatory in the USA.

Over a million vehicles affected

According to the US transportation authority NHTSA, 1,096,762 vehicles are specifically affected. This means that almost the entire fleet of the manufacturer has to be supplied with an update. If the power window motor encounters an obstacle when closing, excessive force may be applied for longer than permitted. Normally, window regulators would have to retract immediately here. It is precisely this mechanism that can fail in Tesla cars. This problem was already found in mid-August. After its own tests, Tesla has now decided to carry out a voluntary recall.

No workshop visit necessary

As with six of the previous 14 recalls in the USA, a software update can be used to remedy this. According to the NHTSA, a new firmware version has already been installed on Tesla cars that have rolled off the assembly line since September 13. This ensures that the window regulator retracts immediately if there is resistance. Anyone who already owns a Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X should receive an update via radio. The owners of the vehicles should not be notified until mid-November. By this time, the huge recall should have largely ended with an update. To what extent German Tesla buyers are also affected remains unclear at the moment.

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