Tesla recalls: Model Y steering can loosen, Model X roof molding lose

Tesla was able to elegantly handle the first recall of the new Model Y with a software update: The brake lights of around 2500 copies of the electric car did not work on trailers pulled with it, which was fixed with an update shortly afterwards. But now there is another callback for the Model Y as well as one for older Model X, for which workshop visits (or perhaps mobile service) are required. Both were initiated by Tesla itself.

Control of the steering on Tesla Model Y

Only a few vehicles are affected by the recall of the Tesla Model Y – according to a document from the responsible US traffic authority NHTSA, 400 units, which were produced from the end of August to the beginning of November 2020. The bolts connecting the upper wishbone and the steering knuckle may not be tightened to specification. Therefore, they could come loose, which could lead to impairment of the steering. Tesla discovered this after two Model Ys were noticed in workshops because of this problem.

The owners of affected vehicles will be informed, writes the NHTSA; the remedy is to inspect them and tighten the screws properly if necessary. A letter to Tesla posted on the website confirms that the recall came from the company.

Tesla Model X can lose roof molding

The same goes for another Tesla recall in the US, which the NHTSA also made public this week. In this case, we are talking about 9136 Model X, which were produced in the period from September 2015 (i.e. from the start of production of the double-door electric car) to the end of July 2016: These can have covers on the glass roof – one at the top of the windshield , a second in front of the double doors – solve. According to the information, they only have an optical function, but there is a possibility that other road users will be endangered if they fall off while driving.

According to the NHTSA description, the cause of the problem is a possibly missing primer under the adhesive with which the applications are attached. Tesla also became aware of this with vehicles in its workshops, examined it more closely and decided that there was a safety-related error. For affected Model X, the tight fit of the covers should be checked and, if necessary, made.


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