Tesla significantly increases the price of Model S and X

Last month, Tesla lowered the prices of its Model S, making it possible to cross two important milestones for the two finishes of the electric sedan. The Grande Autonomie Plus version had fallen under 80,000 euros and Performance had slipped under 100,000 euros. Two values ​​which are now again exceeded.

Is it a natural increase or just an adjustment after seeing that the price drop last month was too big? One thing is certain: the price of the Tesla Model S in its Grande Autonomie Plus and Performance versions has been increased by 5,000 euros.

In its cheapest version, the California sedan is now priced at 84,990 euros, down from 79,990 euros for a month. The best performing version is now displayed at 101,990 euros, against 96,990 euros since mid-October. If we take the prices posted before the change in October, the two versions of the Model S have each increased by 1,000 euros. The future Model S Plaid, with phenomenal performance and autonomy, does not evolve and retains a price of 139,990 euros.

The Model X posted stable prices since the drop of 7,000 euros recorded in May 2020. The SUV is now experiencing the same price increase as the Model S, with 5,000 euros added to the two versions available on the configurator . The Model X Grande Autonomie Plus is therefore now available at a price of 94,990 euros, while it costs 111,990 euros for the performance model.


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