Tesla Supercharger: This is where e-car drivers from other brands can charge

The electric car pioneer Tesla In addition to innovative e-cars such as the Model S, the Model 3 or the new Model Y, it also offers an extensive range Network of fast charging stations. The so-called Supercharger of Californians charge quickly, allow enough range to the next charging location – and payment is automatic for Tesla owners. No wonder this fast charger are important to Tesla’s success.
Until now, these super-fast charging stations were only available for Tesla models – if only because of their own charging adapter, which does not fit on CCS sockets from VW, Audi & Co. Since the beginning of 2021, Tesla has planned to donate electricity to other brands of cars as well. This is now being implemented in a large-scale test: From now on, anyone can charge at 16 locations in Germany with a total of 314 charging points!

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At which locations can e-car drivers from other brands charge?

How much does loading third-party products cost?

Anyone who wants to charge here has two tariff options: The basic price is 70 cents per kilowatt hour. Anyone who fills up at Tesla more often can take out a monthly membership of 12.99 euros via the app and then charge for 55 cents per kWh. This makes the special tariff worthwhile from 87 kilowatt hours per month – for most Tesla models, this should already include one battery charge.

Tesla’s base price is very cheap; at Ionity, for example, onlookers pay 79 cents per kWh. The club model from Ionity is significantly cheaper, with a monthly basic fee of 17.99 euros you pay an electricity price of only 35 cents per kilowatt hour. However, Ionity requires a minimum membership of twelve months.

Tesla drivers can charge at their previous rate on the superchargers that have now been activated. In Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland, selected charging stations for other makes are now open. “We will monitor utilization at each location and evaluate the experiences of our customers,” Tesla said.

Free electricity at 79 locations in Europe

Tesla offered a particularly attractive service for the 2022 winter holidays in four European countries – including Germany. In order to avoid traffic jams at the superchargers due to the expected high volume of travel, electricity was free at certain times on certain weekends. 31 superchargers were selected as German locations, at that time almost every fourth in the country. It is not known whether Tesla will repeat this PR campaign in the foreseeable future.

What can a Tesla Supercharger do?

How much does supercharger electricity cost?

What are the technical specifications?

Supercharger at home too?

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Who can use a Supercharger?

In principle, only Tesla models with a suitable charging connection and activation via software can use the Supercharger. If you want to charge with a non-Tesla on one of the activated superchargers, you have to do this via the Tesla app.

When will the Superchargers be out for everyone?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had already announced in July 2021 at Twitter announced plans to open the Supercharger network to other brands as well. After the current step, a further opening is to be expected. At a Tesla quarterly conference, he added that the fast chargers should be controlled via an app; Third-party users would have to register and deposit a means of payment. That’s how it happened. All markets in which Tesla relies on the CCS standard are in its sights, including Europe. The charging market in Europe is highly competitive.
What you should know about the superchargers from e-car pioneer Tesla

Operated by Tesla and Fastned: one of the largest fast charging parks in Germany at Kreuz Hilden.

Where are Tesla Superchargers located?

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