Tesla to produce superchargers in China

Expected in 2021, this new plant will be located in China and will allow the Californian group to support the expansion of its network of superchargers.

It is sometimes forgotten, but Tesla does not just produce cars. Engaged since 2012 in the deployment of a network of proprietary fast chargers, the famous superchargers, the manufacturer manufactures its own charging stations. Now assembled in Fremont, California, they will soon be manufactured in China, where Tesla has already contacted the authorities to organize the construction of a new site.

Expected in February 2021 and located near the Shanghai Gigafactory, this new factory should represent an investment of 42 million yuan (5.36 million). According to a document presented by Tesla to Chinese authorities, up to 10,000 superchargers will be manufactured there each year.

For Tesla, the choice of China for the deployment of this new production site is no accident. Considered a key market by the manufacturer, this country of nearly 1.4 billion inhabitants is one of those where the challenges in terms of deployments are the most important.

Source: Reuters


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