Tesla wants to deploy its Superchargers in city centers

At the inauguration of a V3 Supercharger in central Berlin, Tesla announced the deployment of a network of urban charging stations to cope with growth in Europe.

With a network of nearly 17,500 Superchargers around the world, Tesla has a solid infrastructure to allow its customers to plan long journeys with confidence. However, these are mainly installed on the major motorways, still leaving some white areas in the territories. In order to develop its density but also to cope with the growing number of Tesla vehicles in circulation, the American brand has announced its desire to invest in urban centers.

This was announced on the occasion of the opening of a new Supercharging station in central Berlin. An installation which also inaugurates V3 terminals capable of climbing to 250 kW of power with the Tesla Model 3. Installed on the EUREF campus, alongside the Gasometer Schöneberg tower, this new station responds to Tesla’s desire to offer customers residing in condominiums a reliable and fast charging solution near their home.

Superchargers in the centers of Paris, Lyon or Marseille?

“As part of our commitment to making Tesla ownership easy and convenient for everyone, including those who do not have immediate access to charging at home or in the workplace, we are now expanding the network of Superchargers in city centers » said Jeroen van Tilburg, Tesla’s head of charging infrastructure in Europe.

The opening rate of these stations has not yet been specified, as has the number of stations planned. However, most of the major European cities could be affected by this initiative, including the large municipalities in France.


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