Tesla wants to fill these top positions in Germany

The Tesla plant in Grünheide.

The Tesla plant in Grünheide.

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The construction at the Tesla plant in Grünheide is progressing further. Production of the Model Y is scheduled to start here as early as July. Until then, however, there will still be many vacancies at Tesla. Including top positions of managers with annual salaries of up to 300,000 euros, as the “Handelsblatt” reports. Usually, these positions in the auto industry are quickly filled. At Tesla, however, things are more difficult.

Half of all job postings from the US manufacturer come from the previous year. Years of professional experience are required for some of the positions. Expert knowledge is required. Most of the currently 350 vacancies are being sought in production. But positions in the “25 Guns”, a select group of engineers who are directly connected to Tesla boss Elon Musk, have not yet been filled.

The many vacancies in battery cell production are particularly noticeable. According to Musk, the world’s largest battery cell factory is to be built in Grünheide. However, Tesla has not yet obtained the relevant approval from the authorities.

But Tesla is currently looking for a lot of reinforcement in this area. This also includes the position of “Cell Shop Senior Leader”, who is to lead the production of the battery cells. According to the “Handelsblatt”, the position has been advertised since November and requires at least 15 years of professional experience. Experts assume that managers in this position receive an annual salary of up to 300,000 euros – bonus payments and share packages not yet included.

In addition, many positions in chemical battery production are advertised at the e-car manufacturer. Including the management of the battery module production and the maintenance of the battery cell production. Here, too, the experts in the “Handelsblatt” estimate the annual salary at a generous sum of between 125,000 and 200,000 euros.

Tesla is new to the German job market

The problem: In Germany, skilled workers for battery cell production are particularly rare. So far, the urgently needed battery cells have primarily been manufactured in other Asian countries. “In the field of battery production for lithium-ion technology, however, you will hardly find anyone in Germany,” says Jörg Speikamp from the QRC advisory association to the “Handelsblatt”.

And the competition never sleeps either. Volkswagen and partners are planning a battery cell plant in Salzgitter, Opel is building a factory in Kaiserslautern, and Chinese suppliers are building production facilities in Saarland and Erfurt. In order to score points here, Tesla has to make the job offer particularly tasty.

Elon Musk’s company is also a newcomer to the German job market. Jobs are sometimes advertised with internal designations that have not been translated and are rather unknown in this country. “This means that fewer people feel addressed,” says headhunter Ines Thoren in the “Handelsblatt”.

A job in the automotive industry in Germany is also associated with many comfort offers. From employment guarantees to family support – Tesla has to embrace it in order to be successful in the German job market. As a long-standing employer, the company is not necessarily known either. The fluctuation in management positions is particularly high at the electric car manufacturer from California.



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