Tesla wants to make Model 3 with cheaper battery

Tesla has applied for approval from the Chinese Ministry of Road Traffic, Electrek reports. Tesla uses NCA lithium ion batteries in the west. Those batteries have a high capacity but are also expensive and use the expensive and controversial cobalt.

Tesla would switch to lithium-ion batteries of the NCM and LFP type for the Chinese variant of the Model 3. NCA is the standard in the automotive industry; battery of that type are found in most electric cars of Tesla competitors.

Reduce price

LFP batteries are mainly used in China because they are cheaper and have a lower capacity. With the battery, Tesla may be able to make a cheaper entry-level variant of the Model 3, which is more attractive to the Chinese market.

“Local production in China and Europe will bring down the price and make our products even more competitive,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently.


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