Tesla: Why Daimler would be the best takeover candidate

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The soaring of the electric car manufacturer Tesla could not be stopped by the corona pandemic. The company even rose to become the most valuable car manufacturer in the world and, with a market share of 0.8 percent, is worth an incredible 445 billion euros. This rapid rise is seen by experts as an opportunity for Tesla boss Elon Musk to merge with an established car company. For the US auto expert Christopher Thompson, the Stuttgart manufacturer Daimler is at the top of the list of possible takeover candidates, as he analyzes in an article for “Reuters”.

Musk was open to negotiations at the Axel Springer Awards ceremony in Berlin last week. With Mercedes-Benz, Daimler serves a similar customer base as Tesla in terms of price class and demands. A cooperation between the two companies could also multiply Tesla’s production figures and strengthen its position in the European and Chinese markets, which are particularly important for e-cars.

According to the expert, however, other car companies such as US rivals Ford and General Motors do not fit into Tesla’s luxury class. A takeover of BMW would be impossible due to the family ownership of the German car manufacturer. Volkswagen already relies heavily on electric cars and taking over a Japanese company is generally difficult, according to Thompson.

“Daimler could be the Time Warner for Elon Musk”

A takeover of Daimler by Tesla is compared by the experts with the takeover of Time Warner by the online portal AOL. At the beginning of the millennium, AOL was able to merge with what was then the largest media group in the world because of its share, which was highly valued by the dot-com bubble.

Daimler was even involved in Tesla once. The group then sold its shares at a profit, but well below today’s value. Thanks to a US stock exchange regulation, Musk could even take over the Benz empire with Tesla’s current market capitalization without getting the approval of the shareholders.

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