Tesla will increase production to meet targets

Determined to meet its goal of 500,000 electric cars produced in 2020, the Californian brand intends to accelerate its production rates in the coming weeks.

If it set a record last quarter of producing 145,000 cars, Tesla will have to work harder to meet its annual target. With only 330,000 vehicles produced in the first 9 months of the year, the Californian group is still far from the target of 500,000 vehicles it set itself at the start of the year. A delay that can be explained in large part by the Covid-19 crisis, which forced the manufacturer to close its factories for long weeks.

To produce the remaining 170,000 vehicles in the last three months of the year, the automaker has no choice but to increase production rates by at least 20% from the previous quarter. ” It will be difficult but super exciting if we can exceed the 500,000 cars manufactured in a single year for the first time in Tesla’s history. When we launched Tesla just over 16 years ago, I never thought we would get this far, but thanks to your hard work and ingenuity, we actually have a chance to make half a million. cars in a single year, ”said Elon Musk in an email to his employees. ” It all comes down to the fourth quarter. Please take whatever measures you can imagine to improve production (while increasing quality) ” he added.


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