Tesla will soon launch its Autopilot subscription

Interior Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021

Elon Musk shared on Twitter that the monthly subscription for Autopilot semi-autonomous driving will be available “in the second quarter” of this year.

For months, Tesla has been working on an Autopilot subscription that a customer can purchase after purchasing a Tesla without having to pay the full option.

Sure Twitter, Elon Musk now gives a date, evoking a discharge in the second trimester while recalling“What to buy will be a better investment in the long term than a subscription”.

Since February, three options exist for the purchase of the vehicle. Features and prices are the same on Model 3, Model S or Model X:

  • Autopilot as standard: adaptive cruise control with active lane keeping.
  • Improved Autopilot (€ 3,800): Autopilot as standard + overtaking, parking and auto exit.
  • Fully autonomous driving capability (€ 7,500): Improved autopilot + management of lights and Stop signs.

At this time, the Tesla Model Y does not offer the enhanced Autopilot. This could change when the SUV is launched, expected later this year in Europe.

What price for the Tesla Autopilot subscription?

The boss of Tesla did not speak about the price of the subscription to Autopilot. Nonetheless, Electrek believes that monthly plan could cost $ 100, or around 75 euros in Europe. This would include the entire pack, but we can imagine another affordable price that only includes the features of the improved Autopilot.

Finally, the brand continues to promise “Driving assistance in town” for 2021. A feature that could increase the price of Autopilot, and therefore of the future subscription.

Tesla Autopilot site capture March 2021

Capture of the Tesla site and Autopilot options in March 2021


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