Tesla’s orders explode and the brand can’t keep up!

The Californian automaker’s second-quarter production was marketed well before the end of the period.

Sales for the first quarter of each year are generally down from the fourth quarter of the previous year. The trend has reversed this year. Tesla recorded production of more than 180,000 cars in the first quarter of 2021. The 200,000 vehicle mark could be crossed in the second quarter of this year. 2021 will certainly be the year of all records for the brand and its CEO

Thus, Tesla sets records in its factories, but also at the level of its sales. The second quarter production is already fully sold. The maximum production capacity of the updated Model S and X has already been reached. With orders open since the end of January, this is not a real surprise. The Model 3 and Model Y, which are being built this quarter, have already all been sold.

These numbers are the sign of a massive adoption of electric vehicles around the world as much on the American continent as in Asia or Europe. Demand for electric cars has been particularly high since the start of the year. This is also what made Elon Musk recently say that the new Model S and X will sell well, despite their premium positioning.


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