Test: O&O Defrag 24 Pro – optimize SSDs and hard drives

O&O Defrag 24 Pro cleans up your hard drive and ensures faster data access. Allegedly also with SSDs. Here is our test.

With the new version 24 of the Professional Edition from O&O Defrag, the manufacturer relies on the extended automatic “Install & That’s all”. If it is switched on, the program automatically optimizes the data carrier in the background. The tool automatically selects the best strategy for the available media, but manual optimizations are still possible.

In the test on a Windows 10 PC with two SSDs (512 MB, one TB) and a four TB magnetic hard disk, O&O Defrag worked in the background. In the case of the hard disk, which was previously 33 percent fragmented, the degree of fragmentation is then 0 percent: This speeds up file access. The SOLID method specially developed by O&O Software for SSDs works together with the TRIM function and intelligent memory allocation (“thin provisioning”). However, the success is not really noticeable – not even by benchmark. However, the manufacturer promises fewer read and write accesses through the SSD optimization, which should extend their service life.

The disk cleaner is a great extra:

The tool finds temporary files, downloaded Windows updates as well as memory images, error reports and log files, among other things. This provides eight GB of additional memory on the test PC.


There are a number of free defragmentation tools like Defraggler, but they lack SSD optimization.


O&O Defrag 24 Professional Edition optimizes conventional hard drives in a comprehensible way for more speed when writing and reading. The performance gain achieved with SSDs is marginal.

Manufacturer: O&O Software




Easy to use user interface with live update and disk cleaner

No detailed overview with the disk cleaner for selective deletion

Independent optimization in the background

Use not necessary if only SSD is used

Boot-time defragmentation for drives before Windows starts

Technical specifications


Windows 8.1 and 10


29 euros for 1 PC; 48.40 euros for 5 PCs


O&O Defrag 24 Professional Edition is not software that you absolutely have to have. The best way to find out whether the software can actually optimize your own PC is with the 30-day trial version.


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