Test: Snagit 2021 – Comfortable Screen Captures

If you want to take quick screenshots and screen videos, take a look at the Snagit tool.

Video recordings of the screen content or screenshots are also possible with Windows on-board tools, but not very convenient. One of the tools that should make this task much easier is Snagit 2021 from Techsmith.

The focus of Snagit is on the simple creation of step-by-step instructions in the form of annotated screen views or annotated screen videos. In the test, we first noticed the ease of use: The user starts individual screenshots as well as videos from the same interface, the result ends up in an editor, where the user annotates it, highlighting individual areas with arrows and markings and forwarding the result directly can.

The user can record a screen video from a freely selectable area or a window. According to the default setting, Snagit also records a spoken comment and the system sounds. For a screenshot, Snagit offers additional options – we liked the “scrolling window” the best. To do this, the user initially selects the window to be displayed and then the scroll direction. Then Snagit automatically scrolls through the window and shows the entire window in a single large image.

The options for forwarding finished recordings are also very practical: the editor offers a wealth of interfaces to Twitter, Youtube & Co. If you want, you can also save the screenshots locally and edit them with other programs.


The freeware solution oCam also enables filming of the screen content. But Snagit remains superior when it comes to post-processing.


Snagit is clearly superior to the on-board tools for recording screen content, especially when it comes to ease of use. In a professional context, where time is also money, the purchase is definitely worthwhile.

Manufacturer: Techsmith

+ Pro

– Cons

Simple, convenient operation

Screen video cannot be dubbed

Extensive editing functions

Technical specifications


Windows 8.1, 10


50 Euros


The software is characterized by convenient operation and extensive transfer options.


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