Test: Speed ​​Commander 19.4 – file manager

The Speed ​​Commander is a real all-rounder when it comes to managing, archiving or copying files.

What with the Windows File Explorer sometimes has to be laboriously done with mouse actions between different desktop windows, with the Speed ​​Commander with its two-window technology only requires a hotkey. To copy a file selection from a local directory to a USB stick, for example, the F5 key is sufficient. You can also move (F6), delete (F8) and rename (F2) files and directories at the push of a button.

But that’s not all: The Speed ​​Commander can pack and unpack archives, synchronize file collections between source and target (file sync), access FTP servers and open more than 80 graphic formats for viewing.

There is also a text editor. If you prefer to use other programs, you can integrate Irfanview as an image viewer and Notepad ++ as an editor in the settings.

The configuration options of the file manager should be emphasized: You can load finished designs or create your own and set the blue of the legendary Norton Commander – the program model from DOS times in the 1980s.

Recurring actions can be automated using a macro. There are also folder and application favorites, group views and file storage.

With the Pro version of Speed ​​Commander (20 euros surcharge) you also have access to cloud storage, ISO / BIN files, restore points and shadow copies.

Burning data on media such as CD, DVD and Blu-Ray is also supported without additional software.


As a file manager with two-window technology, the freeware Double-Commander offers similar basic functions.


Above all, users who have to deal with files and folders a lot no longer want to do without this tool.

Manufacturer: Sven Ritter

+ Pro

– Cons

Classic two-window view

High price

Quick control of all actions with keyboard shortcuts

The design looks old-fashioned

Internal tools like Packer and File Sync

Few add-ins

Technical specifications


Windows 8.1 and 10


Standard version for 40 euros, Pro for 60 euros.


The Speed ​​Commander is a recommendable replacement for the Windows file explorer, which has been unsuitable for decades. The quick operation with hotkeys and the many additional functions make handling files easier.

Windows 2021:

This is new & this is yet to come

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